The avifauna of India includes around 1314 species, of which forty-two are endemic, one has been introduced by humans and twenty-five are rare or accidental. Two species have been extirpated in India and eighty-two species are globally threatened. The Indian peacock is the national bird of India. According to reports available least 257 to 300 types of migratory birds visit the Khijadiya Bird Sanctuary. The noted Indian ornithologist, Salim Ali when visited the sanctuary in 1984 and he reportedly sited 104 species on a single day.

Zoologists and paleontologists use fauna to refer to a typical collection of animals found in a specific time or place, e.g. the "Sonoran Desert fauna" or the "Burgess Shale fauna". Among the other wildlife found here are blue bull, jackal, wolf, jungle cat,mongoose, Indian hare and snakes

All Categories of Birds At Khijadiya Bird Sanctuary

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