Basic Information

Scientific Name Canis aureus
Class Mammalia
Phylum Chordata

Nearer to the wolf in shape it is smaller in size and more cunning. It’s howling in the night especially near villages is an indication to its presence even though it is not seen by the people. The color of the coat varies from season to season with mostly black mixed with buff. In India it is found variably every where, in dense forests, in open plains, in deserts. It is known to be at the heights till 10-12,000 ft. In virtually all the hill stations in can be found in the neighborhood. In the plains it can be frequently seen near the villages and small towns. Jackals usually are seen in a pair but they do sometimes form a pack to hunt big animals. Near the villages they are known to become poultry thieves and often kill goats and sheeps. There is no proof of its attacking any human being until unless it is a rabid Jackal. In the forested areas they have been seen killing large deer, like a male Chital, but in a pack.


Due to their tolerance of dry habitats and their omnivorous diet, the Jackal can live in a wide variety of habitats. 


The jackal is flexible in its sociability, living either alone or in family groups of 4-5 individuals

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